Prior Seminar Recordings

Summer/Fall 2023

Fiona Gribble, MD, DPhil (Cambridge)

“Targeting the Gut to Treat Metabolic Disease”

Zoom password: .8ZcTpBv

Catherine Kim, MD, MPH

“Aging Markers and Diabetes Across the Lifespan”

Zoom password: JpB1KBm=

Lori Sussel, PhD

“RNA splicing: A novel regulatory layer of islet function”

Zoom password: Vw$^V9g%

Spring 2023

W. Timothy Garvey, MD, MACE (UAB)

“Cardiometabolic Disease: Pathophysiology, Natural History, and Clinical Implications”

Zoom Password: Jc.&z57y

Zoom Password: Qku&t57g

Barbara E. Corkey, PhD (BU)

“The Redox Network: Master Regulator of Metabolism”

Zoom Password: HBp+1*ED

Susan Bonner-Weir, PhD (Harvard/Joslin)

“What Goes Wrong with the Beta Cells in Diabetes?”

Zoom Password: .6N=Q27o

Leonardo Trasande, MD, MPP

“Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals as Metabolic Risks and What We Can Do About It”

Zoom Password: b%7%r^2

Spring 2022

Ian de Boer, MD, MS
(U Wash)

“Progress in Diabetic Kidney Disease”

Zoom password: 81&G*=J*

David B. Allison, PhD

“Obesity and Mortality”

Zoom password: 0AY@bqTD

Josiemer Mattei, PhD

“Food, culture, and health in Hispanics/Latinx: from evidence to action”

Zoom password: 1WE@yL.p

Silvia Corvera, MD

“Thermogenic adipose tissue and metabolic disease”

Zoom password: hGS%H4Zm

Maureen Gannon, PhD

“Intersection of prostagladin E2 and GLP-1 signaling pathways to promote beta-cell identity, proliferation, survival”

Zoom password: BHvb#2F0

Hilary Seligman, PhD

“Diabetes and the Food is Medicine Movement: 2022 Updates”

Zoom password: %*XsA3Ty

Fall 2022

Randy J. Seeley, Ph.D.
(U. Michigan)

“What bariatric surgery tells us about the role the gut plays in the
regulation of metabolism”

Zoom password: A2qAc%9A

Jeffrey E. Pessin, PhD
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

“Temporal and spatial cellular heterogeneity of hepatocyte metabolism”

Zoom password: hAqc&=V2

Sherita H. Golden, MD, MHS
(Johns Hopkins Medicine)

“Understanding the Historical Context of Diabetes Health Disparities to Catalyze Present Day Solutions”

Zoom password: ^g&.VNf8

Amber Alhadeff, PhD and Josh Thaler, MD, PhD
(U Penn and U. Washington)

DRC Virtual Seminar Series Panel Discussion

Zoom password: MP^w+j1=

Mike Snyder, PhD

“Advances in Glucose Dysregulation Research”

Zoom password: !1@xq$8f